How to Create a Kick-Ass Facebook Profile Pic and Awesome Time-Line Cover

Update: Facebook has implemented TimeLine. Use TrickedOutTimeLine to create awesome TimeLine Covers.

Requirements: Photoshop CS3+, New facebook Profile, Front Faced HD Image

This post is in response to the TechCrunch article which featured Alexandre Oudin’s Creative Facebook Profile.

Method 1: Using Photoshop

Thanks Seth Sandler for making these amazing PSDs and easy to create cropped images. Before proceeding, have a look on your facebook profile and find out how many lines of Biography you are having. Its the text written just above your tagged photos on New Facebook Profile. Like I have a 3 line biography

Download the template

If you have a biography of 1 line, download this file Facebook Bio 1 Line

If you have a biography of 1 line, download this file Facebook Bio 2 Line

If you have a biography of 1 line, download this file Facebook Bio 3 Line

If you do not have a biography, download this file Facebook Bio no Line

Edit the Template

Simply open the PSD in Photoshop and start editing. You will find 2 Layers

Layer 1: Mask
Layer 2: Your Image

The Mask layer is crucial and is responsible for creating different sized cropped images later. You can simply replace the ‘Your Image’ layer with new image. Feel free to play around with photoshop, extend / compress if required. Place the image in a way you want.

Generate Images

Now File >> Save for Web & Devices >> Save

It will create a folder named ‘images’ containing all images.

Upload to Facebook

Upload ‘left-image.png’ as your profile picture. Followed by small_pic1.png, small_pic2.png, small_pic3.png, small_pic4.png, small_pic5.png

Tag Images (Tricky Part)

Tag yourself in those 5 small pics, starting with small_pic5.png to small_pic1.png . Alls done.

P.S: Make sure, if anyone tags you. You either remove the tag or block that person.

Method 2: Online Full Page Pic Generator

Soon after the TC cover, vindimy came up with an online script. You can generate your own cropped images directly at

http://vindimy.dyndns.org/fb.php (site taken down now)

Follow Step4 and Step5 from above. The link seems to have been customized for a 1-line biography.

Update: vindimy himself commented here,  it resizes automatically, trying to keep proportions the same (though not always succeeding ).                                 [Thanks]
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