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Why Can’t Google Fix its Own URLs?

[Update: 12th June, 2012 9.31PM IST] The URL seems to be working fine. Google has fixed it after all. Today, I was trying to submit a URL to Google. As usual i simply opened Google and searched for “add url to google” , Google returned me the following results. The Top Result actually gives a 404 error (Jan 22, 2012…

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Site Temporary Unavailable

How To Blackout Your Website (Outage) – The Right Way

Last week we saw a mass online Blackout (#WikipediaBlackout). We also implemented a 503 Status Code Outage. Now several people suggested methods for blackout. Lets take each of them. 1. Delete The Content Never do this mistake. Since you dont have any files on your web folder anymore, it will return a 404 error. Now neither your visitors will see…

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