The Inevitable eBay + Paypal Spam

eBay accepts multiple payment options, despite that almost all of them accept ONLY Paypal as the payment medium.


Problem? Paypal sends payment to sellers, alongwith your real email-ids.

Once they have your email id, spam spam spam bam!

I myself prefer paypal over credit cards as payment options. But in past few months, while trying to save a few bucks I’ve resorted to everything from eBay. The marketplace is full of items which are located in China, whether they are fake or not is all-together a different question. The stores run well as despite being shipped from China to US/worldwide, they are generally cheaper than similar items priced at Amazon.


From my experience all major retailers respect privacy policies and communicate only over eBay. But almost all of local sellers outside US have sent emails directly to me once or more, either promoting their own eBay stores or about new offers. This is a never ending thing, with me adding their email ids to GMail “Send to Trash” filter.

Solution? Why not just send sellers payment, without actually showing our email ids. They can proceed with a refund (if required) as usual with paypal felicitating it.


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