RIP Net Neutrality

Well to be fair net neutrality (in US) was dead a month back when a court ruled down FCC’s anti blocking rule.

The first major incidence happened few weeks back when Comcast was allegedly throttling Netflix traffic. This looks like direct extortion, but when can one do. Courts didn’t seem a viable option. The result? Both end up in an undisclosed agreement with Comcast giving preferential treatment to Netflix. This was just the tip of iceberg. Now Verizon doing the same trick to Netflix. Verizon CEO made its position clear as well. released They don’t really have anything in leverage, except hope that Netflix will strike a similar deal and it looks like they might actually win.

Even if Comcast was the last Internet Service Provide in US, the deal has made net neutrality obsolete. The entire reason Internet it at its current state was no-middlemen restrictions. This is almost like we paying for road tax and govt just put boulders outside few restaurants, who attract most visitors. Now they are extorting restaurant owners for more money in order to remove boulders.

Currently I’m on Time Warner Cable and not experiencing any slow downs for Netflix, but then its a beginning.

On another note, Netherlands made net neutrality a law in 2011.

[Update] Netflix Blog : “Some big ISPs are extracting a toll because they can”

[Update] AT&T reply to Netflix Blog : “arrogant proposition is that everyone else should pay but Netflix”

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