LinkedIn and Email Address Privacy

Almost all major social networks allow to find friends using “Import/Upload Contacts” feature. While other social networks use email to find and add contacts, LinkedIn does something different. It also creates fake dummy accounts for that email addresses and keep displaying them in suggestions.

Even worse, it displays those email addresses clearly.




My GMail contacts contain few secret email addresses, such as one which can be directly used to post on facebook wall, one which can be used to upload files to dropbox etc.

Basically all my secret email addresses are not potentially public. Depending on LinkedIn recommendation algorithm, it may display my email address dummy account to anyone else and exposing my private addresses.

This is more than just a privacy issue.


I tried reporting the same to @LinkedInHelp , but not of much help.


Why cant you simply not display email addresses for recommendations? Had to change all known temporary email addresses, Sigh!

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