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Diving into Android Development – Brew Timer Application

Ready to dive into real android applications? Its been a while since i have blogged about my experiences with android app development. This is a great post i found at SmashingMag. Prerequisites: Working Eclipse IDE with ADT installed (Tutorial)What is great in this Tutorial? 1. It talks about interface / different layouts 2. It

Ultimate Temperature Converter – Sample Android App

Prerequisites : 1. Working Eclipse IDE with ADT installed (Tutorial) 2. Basics of Java   Part 1: Understanding Views Start a new Android Project. File >> New >> Android Project. Major Components of the new Android Project screen are Project Name : Just the name displayed in Eclipse Build Target : Supported Version, We

Your First Android App – Hello World

Hello World is typically the simplest program to write in programming languages. It is considered as the first and basic step towards mastering the language. Let us make an App which does nothing but displays “Hello World!” . There is a detailed tutorial on the Android Developer site along-with basic troubleshooting. Link: If you

Getting Started with Android Development

In these set of Tutorials, I’ll guide you through the basics right from setting up the environment to eventually develop apps for real-time usage in your Android based devices. Prerequisites: None Required Components 1. The Eclipse IDE – I will be using Eclipse JEE – Helios SR1 version on x86 Windows Platform 2. The