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Analyzing Facebook Trojan spreading via Private Messages

I first received this malware via private message on March 6th, 2014. , I’m guessing it comes in any flavor. While it may look like a zipped image file from a friend, it contains a malicious jar file. Dont make the mistake of executing the jar file. VirusTotal scan gives a detection ratio of 13 / 49. Unpacking Malware…

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The Curious Case of Rising Malwares on Android

Android is getting bigger and with prediction of 1 million devices being activated daily by mid August, 2012 its becoming popular day by day. The volume of malware surged in the first quarter of 2012. In particular, there’s been a flood of new types of password-stealing Trojan applications, malware targeting Android users, rootkits, and botnet infections. According to McAfee the…

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