RIP Net Neutrality

Well to be fair net neutrality (in US) was dead a month back when a court ruled down FCC’s anti blocking rule. The first major incidence happened few weeks back when Comcast was allegedly throttling Netflix traffic. This looks like direct extortion, but when can one do. Courts didn’t seem a viable option. The result? Both end up in an undisclosed agreement…

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How to determine location using GPS in Android Phones

In this tutorial we’ll create a small app which displays a Toast Notification whenever GPS Coordinates changes. Start a new Project. Project Name: HelloGps Android Level: Android 2.1 Application Name: HelloGps Package Name: com.vineetdhanawat.hellogps Create Activity: HelloGps Min SDK Version: 7     1. Implementing Location Listener Lets start with the code. Inside the onCreate() method include these lines If…

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