How to hack Google Hurdles Basketball Slalom Canoe 2012 Doodles

This post will quickly go through basic hack which will maximize your score / minimize your time in Google Doodle Olympics 2012. We will use a Free Windows Based Macro Utility called AutoHotKey. You can now define any keystrokes in a .ahk file and convert it to .exe. The AutoHotKey will simulate those key/mouse strokes to your machine. In this…

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How to Create a Kick-Ass Facebook Profile Pic and Awesome Time-Line Cover

Update: Facebook has implemented TimeLine. Use TrickedOutTimeLine to create awesome TimeLine Covers. Requirements: Photoshop CS3+, New facebook Profile, Front Faced HD Image This post is in response to the TechCrunch article which featured Alexandre Oudin’s Creative Facebook Profile. Method 1: Using Photoshop Thanks Seth Sandler for making these amazing PSDs and easy to create cropped images. Before proceeding, have a…

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