LinkedIn and Email Address Privacy

Almost all major social networks allow to find friends using “Import/Upload Contacts” feature. While other social networks use email to find and add contacts, LinkedIn does something different. It also creates fake dummy accounts for that email addresses and keep displaying them in suggestions. Even worse, it displays those email addresses clearly. Problems? My GMail contacts contain

Dropbox Hashing and Privacy

Clearly the tweet was misinterpreted. wow. @dropbox DMCA takedown in personal folders . . . this is new to me. — darrell whitelaw (@darrellwhitelaw) March 30, 2014 Dropbox Hashing Function While it may look like Dropbox allowed DMCA check on users private folder, which would be unethical. It did nothing of that sort.

Analyzing Facebook Trojan spreading via Private Messages

I first received this malware via private message on March 6th, 2014. , I’m guessing it comes in any flavor. While it may look like a zipped image file from a friend, it contains a malicious jar file. Dont make the mistake of executing the jar file. VirusTotal scan gives a detection

Setting up Raspberry Pi as Print-Scan-(CUPS)-Music-Media-VPN Server

Do you have a age-old printer? or a storage HDD? Raspberry Pi is one of the easiest way to manage all of them. Raspberry Pi Kit Where to buy? You can get the board for as cheap as $40 on Amazon or eBay What else? Out of all the accessories available, not all are necessary

RIP Net Neutrality

Well to be fair net neutrality (in US) was dead a month back when a court ruled down FCC’s anti blocking rule. The first major incidence happened few weeks back when Comcast was allegedly throttling Netflix traffic. This looks like direct extortion, but when can one do. Courts didn’t seem a viable option. The result? Both